Landa Equipment

We use Landa equipment on our rigs, allowing us to maximize the amount of water per minute being sprayed at temperatures up to 220 degrees.  

Surface Cleaner

We also use Steel Eagle surface spinners, these machines utilize spinning jets of steaming water to deep clean your dirtiest flat surfaces.


Graco Striping 

Our striping is performed with a top quality Line-Lazer machine, good performance and excellent results!


Our Clients

  • Will Rogers World Airport

    When we got the call from Ampco to clean Oklahoma Cities World Airport, they knew they had called the right company. An airport requires a level of detail that most pressure washers just don't have. Attention to detail is why Sooner Pressure Washing was chosen to make sure visitors to our airport are greeted with a clean and safe environment.

    ~ Will Rogers World Airport
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