About Us

Sooner Pressure Washing is an Oklahoma family owned and operated business that provides professional cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers.


What makes Sooner Pressure Washing right for the job?

  • The best tools for the job. We only use special equipment which is built and bought for the services we provide.
  • Our machines are powerful enough to use two hoses at once thus saving you on labor and saving me on fuel which I pass on down to you, the customer.
  • Skilled staff. We are familiar with the equipment and have the necessary skill to complete the task.
  • Consultation. Communication before , during and after the work.
  • Compliance. Meeting all of your requirements both on an operational and administrative level.
  • Respect. Care for your building and respect for you, your staff and your neighbors.
  • Effectiveness of work.


Our Clients

  • Will Rogers World Airport

    When we got the call from Ampco to clean Oklahoma Cities World Airport, they knew they had called the right company. An airport requires a level of detail that most pressure washers just don't have. Attention to detail is why Sooner Pressure Washing was chosen to make sure visitors to our airport are greeted with a clean and safe environment.

    ~ Will Rogers World Airport
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