With over 15 years of experience, Sooner Pressure Washing takes pride in providing our customer with the highest standards, expert staff, and a service you will be proud to use again and again. And because we use steam and spot free water, we don't use as many chemicals as our competitors, not only saving you money, but also saving the planet.

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Popular Services

The most popular cleaning services we offer to Oklahoma residents :

Parking Lot Striping

Storm clean up/debris removal

Window Cleaning

HOT and COLD water cleaning

Steam Available

Sign Cleaning

Graffiti Removal

Brick Cleaning

Gum and Tar Removal

Swimming Pool / Pool Decks Parking Lot

Oil Stain Removal

Wood and Composite Deck Cleaning

House Washing

Concrete Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Building Washing

Patio and Walkway Pavers Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Why We Are Right for The Job

What makes Sooner Pressure Washing right for the job?

  • ● The best tools for the job. We only use Landa equipment which is built specifically for the services we provide.

  • ● Our machines are powerful enough to use two hoses at once saving you on labor and saving me on fuel which leads to both parties saving money.

  • ● We believe in Oklahoma. All of our products are bought in the state, helping out the economy, and our local friends.

  • ● If you have a tall building, no problem. We can use a lift to wash up to 100 feet above level ground.

  • ● Skilled staff. We are familiar with the equipment and have the necessary skill to complete the task.

  • ● Consultation. Communication before , during and after the work.

  • ● Respect. Care for your building and respect for you, your staff and your neighbors.

  • ● Years of Experience.


We only use Landa equipment, which make the only pressure washing machines tough enough to handle ANY job.

Optimized Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Steam gets the job done when hot water can't. Steam erases mold, mildews, and algae instantly cutting down on the cleaning time, saving you money.

Eco Friendly

Our machines are so powerful and we use little to no chemicals. Fewer chemicals means saving you money, and helping save our planet.
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